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Hotels in Baracoa- Guantanamo

Baracoa belongs to the county of Guantánamo and it is located at the eastern part of Cuba. It was the first village been founded by Diego Velásquez on 1512 with the name of Nuestra Señora de Asunción de Baracoa and it is a place where sea and mountains blends harmoniously, conforming a natural scenario of extreme beauty. In 1518 Baracoa was appointed as the first capital of Cuba and the first archibishopric of the island. The city is bathed by the river Miel (honey) and one of its natural attractions is the Toa river, marked by numerous waterfalls, the most famous is the 17 meters of "Saltadero'',and the mountains of El Yunque that takes its name from the similarity of the shape with an anvil . This city of Baracoa preserve in a glass case and a silver pedestal the "Cruz de la Parra", a symbol of Christianity, the cross planted in ground by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage. It is assumed that the city's name derives from an Aboriginal word meaning "presence of the sea" in clear reference to the marine environment, which contrasts with mountains and rivers of the region of great natural beauty. During the sixteenth and seventeenth the people of Baracoa isolated from the rest of the island by land, began smuggling trade with French and British sailors. In the nineteenth century many French colonists fleeing the Haitian revolution of independence, settled in Baracoa dedicating to coffee and cocoa plantations, this is the origin of the French influence that exists in Baracoa and in many parts of the province east of Cuba . The gastronomy of the region offer a lot of unusual dishes such as Bacon on the basis of green bananas wrapped in banana leaves (a kind of Tamale). For dessert lovers the main specialty is the " Cucurucho " a kind of jelly, coconut, pineapple, orange and cocoa packed in a cone made of palm leaves. Access to the city of Baracoa from the ground is an adventure through a very special road "La Farola " with a spiral shape that winds through the mountains. This scenic road has 11 bridges and their highest point is the "Alto de Cotillo", more than 600 meters above sea level. This region of the oriental area shelters a varied flora and fauna that transform it into a true paradise for the eco-tourism, on the other hand, the city possesses several cultural and historical values that constitute an special attractive for visitors. All these attributes make of Baracoa the most attractive destination of the county of Guantánamo.

Hotel Guantanamo

Located in the northwest section of the city, from where you can easily go to Santiago de Cuba and to Baracoa’s tourist areas. During your stay in Guantánamo, you can enjoy visits to the Stone Zoo and the Changüí, Trova and Tumba Francesa houses. You can r... See more
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Hotel La Lupe

Located on the banks of the Bano River, 3.5 kilometers north of Guantánamo and surrounded by abundant vegetation, which creates a natural and peaceful environment. During your stay at this villa, you can experience memorable days by visiting the Stone Zoo and the C... See more
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Hotel La Habanera

The Hotel Habanera is a small charming hotel on the main street, just steps from the square of Baracoa is housed in a recently renovated building dating back to 1867. Details such as carved wooden doors are a nice delicious touch. The position is a great advantage fo... See more
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Hotel Marti

The Martí Hotel is a construction of Art Deco style, located in the Historical Centre of the Guantánamo City, facing of the Central Park Jose Martí. The construction has a high patrimonial level of protection acquired by its history and location. Hotel Martí smal... See more
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Hotel Villa Baracoa - Htl Puerto Santo o El Castillo

Villa Baracoa includes two hotels "el Castillo" and "Puerto Santo " both located close to Baracoa Town and to the historical sandy beach touched by the expedition of Cristopher Columbus . From the hotels you can tour to the mountains, the plantations of cacao and ... See more
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Hotel Villa Maguana

Enjoy exclusive privacy, peace and comfort just 20 km from the city of Baracoa. It is located on the first line of a virgin beach of white sands, 20 km from the city of Baracoa See more
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