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Hotels in Santa Clara- Remedios

Santa Clara, capital of the county of Villa Clara, was founded on July 15 1689. It is a region with great proximity to history, reflected mainly in Ernesto Che Guevara's figure and it preserves in each corner the memory of the revolutionary actions directed by him in this area. It is a city in ascent, with interesting traditions, growing tourist development, centennials cultural values and elevated scientific, industrial and social potential. In there stands out places of great historical value as the Ernesto Che Guevara Square, the marble-like Mausoleum where remains the rests of Ernesto Guevara and his Bolivian guerrilla's members, the Theatre of the Charity whose construction, of high patrimonial value, is an expression of the transfer of European styles by the XX century to the Caribbean environment; and more toward at the north it?s located Remedios, the eighth village been founded by the Spanish conquerors in Cuba and that is the cradle of the famous Sprees or popular parties that date of 300 years and where all December 24 the residents, divided according to their town, face at the compass of music.

Hotel Elguea

Its friendly environment turns it into an excellent place to harmonize vacation and health. Its biggest treasures are its waters, which, for their composition, constitute an inexhaustible source of health, since they are hyper-mineralized, with chlorine, sodium, bro... See more
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Hotel Hanabanilla

Hotel Hanabanilla, situated on the shores of Lake Hanabanilla, in the Sierra del Escambray mountain range - the largest mountains in the center of the island- this is the perfect hotel to leave city stress behind. Nestled between foothills and high mountains, this i... See more
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Hotel Santa Clara Libre

Hotel Santa Clara Libre, situated at the very center of the city of Santa Clara, facing the Leoncio Vidal park and flanked by La Caridad Theater, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the José Marti library. An hour’s drive to the north will take you to Remedios, a t... See more
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Hotel La Granjita

The Hotel La Granjita is located just 3 miles from Santa Clara airport. This is the ideal place for an overnight stay in a well cared rural environment with full enjoyment of typical Cuban rural cuisine, music and traditional shows. Surrounded of an exuberant natu... See more
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Hotel Los Caneyes

Built to likeness of an aboriginal village Taína, the hotel Los Caneyes is probably the best lodging option in Santa Clara's surroundings. Located to some 2 kms of the city and nested among eucalyptuses, coconut trees, palms and floral plants, the hotel Los C... See more
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Hotel Barcelona E

Hotel Encanto Barcelona was inaugurated in 2012 in Remedios, the eighth village, recognized as the oldest in Cuba, founded in 1578 and known as the birthplace of "The Parrandas" possibly the largest and oldest traditional Cuban party. The city center (declared a Nat... See more
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Hotel Camino del Principe

Located in San Juan de los Remedios, the birthplace of the "Parrandas de Remedios", it is known to be probably the oldest traditional Cuban fiesta. This hotel is ideal for those who want to be in contact with Cuban culture and traditions. See more
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Hotel El Real

The boutique Hotel E Real is just next to the lively Plaza Central, the main square of San Juan de los Remedios, a colonial small town rich in history, traditions & myths. Hotel Real still preserves its colonial architecture and charm with long window-doors, high... See more
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Hotel Mascotte E

Hostal Mascotte is a charming building located in the province of Villa Clara, specifically in the city of Remedios that stands out for the Christmas festival, Las Parrandas de Remedios, one of the most popular events of the region. It has a colonial-style architectu... See more
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